Night Rides

We periodically hold night rides! This is a good way to put your night lights and rain gear to the test. We will arrange different places to meet, most of the rides are on Thursday starting at 5 pm. Please call in advance if you’re unsure as to where, when and what kind of ride you’d like to do. We can do mountain rides or road rides-there are lots of places around here to ride your bike for training or just for fun! Some common destinations might be:
Mountain rides:
Tolt-MacDonald Park
A lung-busting 1.2 mile initial climb, followed by tons of fairly level, tight, technical singletrack. A very popular ride, for a good reason!
Snoqualmie Weyerhaeuser Trails
Lots of fire roads and/or singletrack. Most of it isn’t really advanced, so just about anyone can do it. Very good for beginning riders or those getting back into shape. A wide variety of mountain bike adventures here!
This one requires some driving because it’s in Renton, but the drive is worth it. If you like to turn a lot – I mean really TURN, all the time, then this is for you! Lots and lots of really tight, twisty trail – or, ‘how to pack eight miles of trail into half an acre of land.‘ There’s actually more land than that, but sometimes you wonder. Very challenging!
Road Rides
Man does not live by mountain biking alone! The two types of riding really complement each other-mountain riding for skills and bike handling, as well as upper body workout-and road riding for the ultimate cardiovascular fitness regime. Road riding is also excellent for mental toughness and ‘stick-to-it-iveness’ required for conquering long rides. We can start from here and go to Issaquah, North Bend, Carnation, Duvall or pretty much as far as you feel like riding. It’s all good!