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Service is the heart of our operation! Established in 2006 as a bicyle repair shop in Preston, Washington, one of the first things we did was get a Park MK129 Master Tool Kit. Every shop level tool that Park Tools makes, we own. Park has been making only bicycle tools for decades, and pretty much every shop out there uses their tools because they're the best. We also have a large set of automotive tools, which include punches, presses, micrometers, drills, sockets, etc. and these tools carry over quite a bit when doing the ‘odd job’ which normal bike tools don't quite cover.

What this means for you is that our little shop has a tool selection which is the envy of most shops out there-it is unlikely that you can bring us something we can't tackle! We're even working on getting some Royal Wentworth tools for you old school British bike fans.

The shop's owner, Bolton Peck, has been fixing things most all of his life, and has been an automotive mechanic (ten years) a computer technician/software tester (two and a half years) and ‘officially’ a bicycle mechanic most recently, since 2002.

We take pride in our work, and it's all guaranteed to be to your liking. We strongly encourage you to bring your shoes and helmet, so you can test ride your bike after it's done. There are lots of places to test a road or mountain bike, right out the door of the shop. We have ample parking in the front and rear. We are also ADA accessible!


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